Classical Section V-Belts

Section D/32 x 20

Belt IDDesignation List price
K1250D98 (32x2500 Li)104.31 €
K1251D104 (32x2650 Li)111.71 €
K1252D110 (32x2800 Li)116.28 €
K1253D118 (32x3000 Li)124.36 €
K1254D120 (32x3048 Li)126.86 €
K1255D124 (32x3150 Li)129.22 €
K1257D132 (32x3350 Li)138.40 €
K1258D135 (32x3425 Li)141.51 €
K1259D136 (32x3455 Li)142.74 €
K1260D140 (32x3550 Li)146.17 €
K1261D144 (32x3660 Li)151.05 €
K1262D148 (32x3750 Li)155.12 €
K1263D154 (32x3925 Li)163.68 €
K1264D155.5 (32x3950 Li)164.73 €
K5157D156 (32x3962 Li)165.23 €
K1265D158 (32x4000 Li)166.02 €
K1266D162 (32x4115 Li)171.02 €
K1267D165 (32x4190 Li)173.92 €
K1268D167 (32x4250 Li)176.45 €
K1269D170 (32x4318 Li)179.46 €
K1271D173 (32x4394 Li)180.76 €
K8092D175 (32x4445 Li)186.49 €
K1272D177 (32x4500 Li)188.78 €
K1273D180 (32x4572 Li)191.50 €
K1275D187 (32x4750 Li)197.78 €
K1276D195 (32x4953 Li)203.70 €
K1277D197 (32x5000 Li)208.01 €
K1280D208 (32x5300 Li)222.07 €
K1281D210 (32x5334 Li)222.07 €
K1282D220 (32x5600 Li)234.03 €
K1283D225 (32x5715 Li)236.18 €
K1284D236 (32x6000 Li)250.80 €
K1285D240 (32x6096 Li)254.99 €
K1286D248 (32x6300 Li)265.10 €
K1287D264 (32x6700 Li)277.06 €
K1288D270 (32x6858 Li)286.18 €
K1289D280 (32x7100 Li)298.39 €
K24051D285 (32x7239 Li)304.23 €
K1290D295 (32x7500 Li)310.34 €
K1291D300 (32x7620 Li)314.55 €
K1292D315 (32x8000 Li)332.86 €
K24052D328 (32x8331 Li)341.02 €
K1293D330 (32x8382 Li)343.16 €
K1294D335 (32x8500 Li)353.51 €
K1295D354 (32x9000 Li)376.01 €
K1297D374 (32x9500 Li)388.15 €
K1298D394 (32x10000 Li)411.15 €
K1299D441 (32x11200 Li)459.05 €
K4192D478 (32x12140 Li)498.63 €
K1300D492 (32x12500 Li)513.75 €

Further lengths on request



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