Variable Speed Belt Moulded Cogged Raw Edge

Section 30 x 10

Belt IDDesignation List price
K815130x10x650 Li48.52 €
K238930x10x665 Li48.52 €
K815230x10x680 Li51.04 €
K239030x10x700 Li48.52 €
K718630x10x750 Li51.04 €
K815330x10x775 Li51.04 €
K239130x10x800 Li51.04 €
K239230x10x850 Li54.18 €
K239330x10x875 Li55.79 €
K239430x10x900 Li57.34 €
K239530x10x950 Li60.54 €
K239630x10x1000 Li63.81 €
K239730x10x1035 Li66.03 €
K239830x10x1050 Li66.96 €
K815430x10x1073 Li68.44 €
K239930x10x1120 Li71.45 €
K632930x10x1180 Li75.22 €
K240130x10x1200 Li76.44 €
K240230x10x1320 Li84.22 €
K240330x10x1340 Li85.39 €
K240430x10x1500 Li91.30 €
K240530x10x1600 Li97.35 €

Further lengths on request



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