Variable Speed Belt Moulded Cogged Raw Edge

Section 21 x 6

Belt IDDesignation List price
K827621x6x600 Li27.62 €
K230721x6x610 Li27.62 €
K230821x6x675 Li27.62 €
K230921x6x700 Li27.62 €
K231021x6x750 Li27.62 €
K231121x6x770 Li27.86 €
K231221x6x800 Li28.98 €
K231321x6x850 Li30.39 €
K231421x6x870 Li31.58 €
K231521x6x900 Li32.61 €
K231621x6x950 Li34.46 €
K231721x6x970 Li35.14 €
K926821x6x1090 Li39.45 €
K231821x6x1120 Li40.50 €
K231921x6x1180 Li42.78 €
K232021x6x1220 Li44.20 €

Further lengths on request



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