Timing belts

SWR has expanded its range to positively transmitting belts.

With our timing belts, we offer you a quality that is on the same level as our v-belts. This is why our SWR timing belts fully meet your requirements.

SWR timing belts have a CR polyester fiber compound with glass fiber tension cord, optionally also CR compounds with aramid fibers and aramid tension cord. On request we can also offer you timing belts according to ISO9563.

First, we have committed ourselves to standard qualities, which represent the major share of the sales made in replacement requirements.

The aim is to be able to offer you a qualitatively but also competitively priced alternative.

On our website we show all producible lengths in the assortment. We will present you an extraordinarily wide range of special lengths available on request.

We stock almost all profiles and lengths available on the market, initially as timing belt sleeves. Standard widths are added as required. Your inquiries about standard widths will be cut from the available sleeves.

We subdivide our available stock program into:

  • timing belt sleeves in full width
  • already cut, various sleeve widths
  • and if already available, standard widths

Test us and we hope to convince you.